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                The company's DAM series engines Beijing auto show debut
                Time:2012-04-25   Source:DAAE NEWS   Hits:

                 Beijing International Auto Exhibition held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center on April 23 - May 2. Exhibition on the first day is open to the media day, the M-series engine with its outstanding economy, environmental protection, power advantage by the mainstream media attention and visitors flocked to the booth.

                    China Changan Automobile Group, the leadership of great concern to the company's development with new models of R & D status. China Changan chairman Xu stay equal leadership of his party, visit the company booth in the afternoon of 23, to learn more about M Series launch performance and the current batch production situation, vigorously praised the advanced M series engine performance, his earnest hope that the development of the company, and said the Corporation will continue to vigorously support the development and batch production of the M series engine.

                    The exhibitors were carefully planned, the sales department to bring the level of domestic technology the leading DAM10AR and DAM13R engines attended the event. In order to achieve the display of results, to prepare during the leadership of the company and personally organized the exhibition machine installed, booth and image design. Two exhibition machine equipped with VVT, EGR, advanced configuration, and independent design of a column support, and exhibits directly facing the audience.

                    As a world-class auto show, the auto show, an exhibition area of ??230,000 square meters, exhibited a total of 1125 vehicles, the world debut vehicle 120; multinational global debut of 36, 35 multinational companies in Asia starting car, concept car 74, 88 new energy vehicles. The Beijing Auto Show, is the first time to participate in major international auto show, appeared together with world-class auto companies to stand on the world stage to showcase the company's image and products, corporate image, publicity, product promotion is of great significance to build a world-class car power has played a positive role in promoting.