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                Changhe Automobile, general manager of Tong Zheng-rong to negotiate exchanges
                Time:2012-04-19   Source:   Hits:

                April 18, Changhe Automobile, general manager of Tong Zheng-rong, deputy general manager Wu Jijun, Hefei Changhe, deputy general manager Wang Qiang and his delegation visited exchange, Zhang Zhao, general manager, deputy general manager Zhang Aihua warm reception to the visiting guests.

                    Sales Minister Li Dazhi from the "comprehensive anti-friction + air intake control" design concept, the development trend of low-carbon, green energy saving, high performance and low-cost power to meet the Euro V emissions regulations, fuel consumption levels to meet the full the latest national fuel-efficient vehicles issued by the farmer-friendly policy introduced to the child the total line of the advantages of the M series engine. Subsequently, both M-series of the engine car to match the progress of the project and the business of matching models to expand the full communication, open Weicheshichang conducted in-depth discussion for the three-cylinder engine. Both sides agreed that the micro-car to match the three-cylinder engine with a strong cost advantage, the future development direction of the micro-car market, the corresponding match project needs to OEMs, OEMs actively cooperate to jointly explore the selling point, to jointly open a new market area.

                    Tong Zheng Rong, general manager of the performance of the M series engine to give a high evaluation, the two sides clear in the next stage of the car matching, and will deepen the cooperation in the future, and actively promote the M-series engine car matching to ensure that the new models market as scheduled.