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                Company profile

                  A Dongan formerly state-run first two of Factory (founded in 1948, is the light power and its derivative products of the production of aviation, helicopter transmission system based military enterprises). The policy of the early 1980s in accordance with national military and civilian combined with China to support the Army, one hundred and twenty plants to invest in the first mini-car engine production line. And adapt to the development needs of the modern enterprise system as its percentage of the GDP is increasing, in October 1998, initiated by the Dongan Group, set up a public offering of Harbin Dongan Auto Engine Co., Ltd. (stock code 600 178, the name Dongandongli) on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. In November 2009, China Aviation Industry and Chinese soldiers loaded reorganization of car plates, the company which was incorporated into China Changan Automobile Group. The company covers an area of 223,000 square meters, with total assets of 3.67 billion yuan, more than 4,000 employees.
                Our main engine and transmission products, engine products, including F-Series, K Series and the newly developed M-Series engine platform, transmission products including T09R, T10R, and BS14R transmission platform. The 'Dongan' brand automobile engine of choice for small cars driving force for many brands at home and abroad a variety of mini-passenger, cargo and economical car matching powertrain.
                The company has well-equipped, advanced technology and domestic first-class modern production line, which the machine plus the production line 45, the assembly production line 6, test production line 2, casting production lines 7, already have an annual output of engine 600 000, transmission 700 000 units of capacity. At present, the cumulative production and marketing engine more than 420 million units, 31 billion yuan in output value, total profits and taxes of $ 3.4 billion.
                Dongan-class quality, fine management, enterprising spirit are invited to the majority of customers at home and abroad to visit! Create brilliant tomorrow!